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Oracle Cards: Connecting with Spirtuality

By Chris Hedges

I first became aware of Oracle Cards from reading Infiniti‘s writings about them on Medium’s ILLUMINATION publication.

She wrote about the cards showing a moon connection to spirituality this week.

I noticed that many of my stories were about the moon and love this week. I just felt the need to write short love poems and include the moon in them. I wrote about this in “Love and the Moon have been my muses this week.

It is interesting how Infiniti wrote about the very subject I had been having feelings to write about prior to her post about her Oracle card reading about the moon.

Infiniti has set up an ILLUMINATION writing project to showcase stories about Oracle cards: The Oracle Speaks.

Writes Infiniti:

I was in the middle of writing my post for The New Moon Week of 7.20–7.26 Oracle Messages (not yet published, but will be soon) when his story about projects landed.

I have been thinking recently on coming up with some type of Oracle group, and this project concept on ILLUMINATION is perfect.

It would be a great way to share Oracle messages and to introduce people to this wonderful way of connecting stronger spiritually, getting in touch with their Soul, their Spirit Tribe and really getting to know their Guides & Guardians.

Tree Langdon is also writing about Oracle cards as part of The Oracle Speaks: Oracle Cards, a New Connection and Image Adjustments, Lets Get Focused.

I want to learn more about Oracle cards.