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A Crossdressing Tale by Fiona and Why Yael Is Tired of Explaining Her Male Friendships

Last updated on August 1, 2020

By Chris Hedges

I came across two stories that I enjoyed today.

One is about a man who is caught crossdressing. You’ll enjoy reading that one.

The second is why Yael Wolf doesn’t like explaining why she isn’t dating her male friends. It is a story everyone should read, especially if they like asking why people aren’t dating each other. Men and women can be friends without it being about sex, despite what Harry says in the movie.

I love making lists of great reads that I come across during the day when I’m writing. I find reading stimulates my ability to write because my fellow writers are filled with so many great ideas.

When I was working, I was lucky to work a job where I was able to read a lot during the day. It was required to keep informed about what was going on in the field.

I love reading, so it is a joy to pass along some great stories that you will find great as well.

Here are the two stories for your enjoyment!

Fiona Dobson writes “Clothes Maketh The Man — Part 1.” If you love crossdressing erotica, Fiona loves writing those stories. Read her work and enjoy it as much as I do!

Yael Wolf let us know “Why I’m Tired of Explaining My Friendships with Men.”