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Letting Go After Feeling So Much Love

We began this journey together a year ago today. I remember how excited and in love I was. I felt as though I had finally found where I belonged. Each moment held something new for me. A new smell, taste, touch, or sight. You began to show me things I never would have imagined. You made me feel safe and loved and most of all, wanted. These are things I had been lacking throughout my life. I was in awe that my life had gone from the unstable, chaotic mess I had always known to such blissful stability. I was a princess in a fairy-tale who was learning that there really are happy endings.

Jennifer Marie Gady

I read Jennifer Marie Gady‘s “Our Journey Ends With Good-Bye.”

I cried after reading Jennifer’s story.

Even though I cried, I still felt uplifted. I also feel optimistic for Jennifer and hope that she is back on the right path.

I have felt the way Jennifer has before. New love will change everything. The world is brighter and things just feel like they are going to be perfect for the rest of my life. Then, it doesn’t work out.

All of the insecurities and fears I believed to be gone, slowly began to bubble to the surface of my heart until I could no longer ignore them. They began to leak out, drop by drop, filling my heart and soul with fear and uncertainty.

Jennifer Marie Gady

I have had the same insecurities, doubts, fears and anxieties also.

I relate to Jennifer Marie Gady’s story.

Every time we fail and recover, it gives us more strength to be able to handle our future.

Our challenges make us better people when we learn the lessons the bad times teach us.